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WHEN „Verto Conti“?

  • When you see no point in reinventing the wheel, and are keen to ride one;

WHY „Verto Conti“?

  • When you see that to do it right at once will cost you less
  • Whereas our operating principles are based on 4 exclusive competences:

WHY „Verto Conti“?

  • Projects and services provided include a wide range of HR management issues, beginning with system solutions, when analysis is performed or effect is performed on organisation level (e.g. auditing of HR systems of entire organisation, drawing of HR strategy, forming of HR function, implementation of employee performance management, remuneration systems, etc.) to local solutions, when projects formed relate to specific people, teams, or local issues (e.g. selection, assessment of employees, training for a group of employees, individual advice on HR issues etc.);
  • Expert participation and involvement level dealing with HR issues is based on the customer needs, starting with HR analysis, assessment (bringing findings and guidelines, with customer responsible himself for specific tasks and performance thereof) to performance, completion and implementation of specific tasks/projects (when expert performs analysis and performs the actual activity, troubleshooting as agreed).