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Everyone working with people is aware that the work never ends. This is eternal, everlasting CHANGE, seeking new knowledge, new mutual understanding, new quality of existence and co-operation.

Today, tomorrow, and always.

Latin verto continuus – never-ending change.

Verto Conti is a consultancy company dealing with management projects and services. These include various system solutions in the field of management (e.g. forming of Human Resources management strategy, forming of Human Resources unit and its functions, implementation of employee performance management, remuneration systems etc.) as well as local, people and issue-specific projects (e.g. selection, assessment of employees, group employee training, individual consultations etc.). (For more details, see Principles and Services).

„Verto Conti“ is:

  • resolve to be part of CHANGE of your organization
  • commitment to share own knowledge, experience and ideas when working together
  • keeping you company on the road to success.

Management projects performed and services provided by:

Ms. Jurgita Bajoriūnienė is a human resources (hereinafter HR) management expert, professional in organisation psychology; with experience of 20 years in the field of HR management and consultancy.

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She has worked at some of leading Lithuanian companies, including MG Baltic group of enterprises (6 years, managing group of HR directors/managers in 8 organisations), VST (two years, managing 8 HR division professionals). Her experience includes development and monitoring of HR management functions and policies within enterprises (including structure, communication system, performance management/evaluation, remuneration/motivation systems in enterprises, forming of teams, training programs, organisation culture, etc.).

Ms. Jurgita Bajoriūnienė currently provides enterprises with outsourced HR manager services, implements HR management systems within enterprises, performs various HR management, manager development and employee training projects. The consultant is a long standing lecturer at Vilnius university (since 1994), and cooperates with different education and training establishments including (Association of Human Resources Professionals, Academy of Psychology, Lithuanian Children and Youth Center etc.).

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Verto Conti also co-operates with experts in other fields relevant to the organisation. Based on the need of the organisation, the experts are included in the projects underway:

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  • Business strategy;
  • Marketing, sales;
  • Finance, analysis, economics;
  • Information technologies;
  • Auditing of internal processes.

Cooperation of professionals in different fields ensures coherent initiation and implementation of changes required to organisation.

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